Resident Advisor Resources

Terp Out Your Hall! YOU COULD WIN! Using the bulletin board kit provided by the Health Center, display one of the BEST boards on campus by 10/20 and then Tweet or Instagram your photo with the #terpout hashtag. The Top-10 photos will win prizes.


  • There will be different prizes for each bulletin board
  • **One winner per bulletin board**
  • Sexual Health/Breast Awareness Board Prize: Condom keychain or condom lollipop
  • Alcohol/Know-Call-Care Board Prize: Sunglasses or Terps-Text-Safe Umbrella or Terps-Text-Safe Coffee Mug/Tumbler
  • Sleep/Stress Board Prize: Sleep Mask
  • Nutrition Board Prize: Stress Ball
  • University Health Center Board Prize: Set of themed rubber ducks

Below are several resources the University Health Center offers to Resident Advisors at UMD. 

Bulletin Boards

Try our health-related bulletin board kits to decorate your hall.

University Health Center Resources Board

UHC bulletin board.pdf

Chlamydia Awareness Board


Breast Health Awareness Board


Alcohol Education

If Alcohol Could Talk

Bulletin Board.doc

Red Solo Cups.doc

Nutrition Bulletin Board Kit

College Students Guide to "Dorm Dining" and On-the-Go Snacking

Sexual Health Resources Board


Sleep Information Board

Printable .ppt file

Stress Information Board

Printable .ppt file

Health Promotion Flyers

STI Self-Test Kit Flyer

Printable .pdf file

STI Self-Test Kit Flyer

Printable .pdf file

STI Self-Test Kit Flyer

Printable .pdf file

Diet Analysis Flyer

Printable .pdf file

Women's Annual Exam Flyer

Printable .pdf file

Men's Physical Exam Flyer

Printable .pdf file

HPV Vaccine Flyer

Printable .pdf file

HPV vaccine flyer FOR MEN

Printable .pdf file

Presentation Requests

Our Peer Educators and Health Promotion staff are available to give presentations to your student group.  Please fill out one of the online forms below to request a presentation.

Peer Educator Presentation Request

Health Promotion Staff Presentation Request

Bulk Condoms

Thank you for your support of a sexually healthy campus! Please remind other Organization Leaders & RA’s that safer sex materials are available in bulk packages once per month. As supply permits, we can provide additional safer sex materials for special events for your Residence Hall or Organization. Organization Leaders & RA’s must request condoms themselves. Bulk package options are:

Male Condoms Only

  • 50 assorted male condoms
  • 15 packets of lubricant
  • Instructions for proper condom usage

Assorted Safer Sex Materials

  • 30 assorted male condoms
  • 10 packets of lubricant
  • 4 female condoms
  • 4 dental dams
  • Instructions for proper usage for all materials
  • 10 Safer Sex related brochures

Please let other Organization Leaders, RA’s, and students know that they can pick up FREE condoms, lubricant, female condoms, and dental dams in the University Health Center on the ground floor in HEALTH PROMOTION. Feel free to contact Jenna Beckwith, Sexual Health Coordinator, at or call 314-8130 with any other questions.