Concerned About A Student?

For additional information regarding how faculty and staff can respond to students in distress, see the Counseling Center website.

Faculty and staff are often among the first to realize that a student is going through a period of stress they can’t manage, a significant life crisis, or the onset of a mental illness. They often notice changes in behavior, physical appearance, or functioning that indicate a need to refer to the Mental Health Service or the Counseling Center. Among the things that faculty or staff may notice are:

  • suddenly becoming more aggressive or withdrawing
  • deterioration in quality of work
  • missing appointments, assignments, classes
  • continually seeking special accommodations
  • written work or direct statements with themes of hopelessness, rage, despair, suicide
  • deterioration in appearance or hygiene
  • constant sadness or tearfulness
  • bizarre behavior or statements
  • any change in behavior that causes concerns about a student’s mental/emotional well-being

Noticing changes like this could mean that a referral to the Mental Health Service or the Counseling Center might be helpful. When making referrals, it is helpful to remember:

  • to give the student campus resource information
  • to listen, be concerned, offer support and help : University Health Center Mental Health Services are available ONLY to  registered University of Maryland, College Park students.

If you have any concerns about a student’s behavior or statements, please feel free to call the Mental Health Service at (301) 314.8106 to consult with a clinician.