COVID-19 Isolation: Resources and Guidance for Isolating Off-Campus

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Dear Terp,

We recognize that receiving a positive COVID-19 test result is unsettling and may create logistical challenges for you. Isolating is a necessity to protect the university community and is required by our county.

Most students will find it preferable to isolate with family at their permanent address.  If that’s not an option for you, consider staying with relatives or friends in the area.  For those who cannot isolate at home or with family and friends, we offer you these recommendations for accommodations and food.  

All other recommendations for academic concerns, health and wellness, mental health and personal support are for every student, no matter where you isolate, to help you navigate essential resources during their isolation period.

Housing/lodging for isolation:

  • Booking a Room: Local hotels are available for temporary stay. Special rates may apply for university students. 
  • Contact: You can book directly and take advantage of discounted rates through the link below.

Food & Supplies:

  • Meals: Many meal delivery services and local eateries offer touchless delivery options.
  • Groceries: Delivery services can bring grocery items to your location.
  • Contact: Use your preferred app for delivery - e.g., Uber Eats, DoorDash, GrubHub, Instacart, etc.

Academic Concerns:

  • Direct Questions: Contact your faculty member for course-specific questions.
  • Additional Concerns: For broader academic issues or guidance, reach out to the Dean of Students Office: 301-314-8484

Health & Wellness:

In an emergency, please dial 911.  Appointments can be scheduled with the Health Center for non-emergency health concerns.  Please call the Health Center if you have questions.

  • Main Phone Number: 301-314-8184
  • After Hours Nurses Line: 301-314-9386

You may also be seen at the off-campus urgent care facility of your choice.

Mental Health Support:

Counseling and psychological services are available remotely. Contact the University of Maryland Counseling Center or call 301-314-7651.

Personal Support:

It’s important to maintain daily contact with a parent, guardian, other loved one, or friend for emotional support and well-being checks.

The Dean of Students Office can address additional, non-emergency questions at 301-314- 8484.

Get well soon, Terp.


Click here to view or download the PDF version of these guidelines