The American College Health Assessment-National College Health Assessment (ACHA-NCHA) is a nationally recognized research survey that assists the University of Maryland in collecting precise data about students’ health habits, behaviors, and perceptions.

This page has been created for the University of Maryland students who have been randomly selected to participate in this health assessment.

We thank you, in advance, for taking this survey.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many times has the University of Maryland implemented the ACHA-NCHA?

The University of Maryland University Health Center has implemented the ACHA-NCHA eight times since 2001.

When was the last ACHA-NCHA survey implemented?

The last ACHA-NCHA survey was implemented in Spring 2014.

What do you do with the information collected through this survey?

The information collected through the National College Health Assessment provides the University Health Center with data about our student’s health and wellbeing. We use this information to inform and guide our programming and services. Other ways this information can be and has been used include:

  • Identifying the most common health and behavior risks affecting students' academic performance.
  • Designing evidence-based health promotion programs with targeted educational and environmental initiatives.
  • Creating social norms marketing campaigns by comparing students' actual behaviors to their perceptions about peer behavior.
  • Allocating monetary and staffing resources based upon defined needs.
  • Sharing assessment data for campus and community task forces on sexual assault, alcohol use, eating disorders, etc.
  • Impacting the campus culture by opening a dialogue about health with students and staff.
  • Developing proposals to secure grant funding to expand or develop programs.
  • Evaluating programming efforts by conducting repeat administrations of the survey.
  • Benchmarking college student wellbeing across national data.

How long will it take to complete the survey?

This survey takes most participants about 30 minutes to complete.

Who can take the National College Health Assessment?

The University of Maryland has selected a representative random sample of 9,000 students. Students who have been randomly selected will receive an email invitation with information about the survey and a link to the informed consent. When the informed consent is electronically signed and completed, the participant may begin the survey.

What is the survey period?

The survey will be open for up to three weeks. The survey will close on or before March 21, 2019.

What measures does ACHA take to ensure/protect student and campus data privacy?

ACHA agrees to use the student email address provided by the institution for the sole purpose of requesting student participation in the ACHA-NCHA. The email addresses are used only for a single survey effort and not retained for future NCHA implementations at the same school. During data collection the email addresses are stored on a password protected secure server at ACHA. The file containing student email addresses is also uploaded into Qualtrics Research Suite software. Per both the Qualtrics and ACHA policies, student email addresses are never shared with another party nor used to any other purpose. After the data collection period ends and before ACHA-NCHA results are released to the campus, the files containing student email addresses are deleted from the both the Qualtrics and ACHA servers. To ensure that no copy of student email addresses is retained at ACHA, the files containing student email addresses are intentionally omitted from nightly file back up at ACHA.

Will the University of Maryland know that I completed the survey?

Participation in the survey is anonymous. The University of Maryland and the University Health Center, or any other University of Maryland department do not track participant data. We cannot and will not trace your response back to you.

ACHA will provide the University of Maryland with a list of email addresses of students who completed the survey in a separate file so that we may contact you about incentives.  There is no way to link this list of email addresses to your responses on the survey.

I am interested in the raffle for the Free Personal Training Package, $5 or $100 Terrapin Express card. What will you do with my information?

ACHA will provide the University of Maryland with a list of email addresses of students who completed the survey in a separate file so that we may contact you about incentives.  There is no way to link this list of email addresses to your responses on the survey. The University Health Center will only contact raffle winners. Raffle winners will need to bring their University ID card to pick up their prizes for financial and award documentation purposes only.

When can I pick up my raffle prize?

Raffle winners will be randomly selected. Winners will be contacted by Julia Matute or Sarah Wilson to select a date and time for prize pick up. Prizes must be picked up by a selected date at 5pm. Winners must pick up their prize personally. Winners may not designate someone else to pick up the prize.

What is Terrapin Express?

Terrapin Express is a debit account accepted at over fifty participating locations across campus.

Students, faculty, staff, and university affiliates can access products and services on campus without carrying cash or an additional card.

If your UMD ID number is in the system then you can open a Terrapin Express account.

What is the Personal Training Package?

Personal Training at RecWell offers the opportunity to meet 1-on-1 or in a team with a nationally certified personal trainer. Work with their team to refine or define your fitness goals, be held accountable, stay motivated, and learn how to exercise safely and effectively with purpose.  Personal training is open to all levels of physical ability and fitness experience.

The package awarded includes:

  • 3 sessions
  • Expanded knowledge of good exercise form and posture
  • Includes fitness assessment
  • EXPIRES: MAY 31, 2019