A Message from CARE to Stop Violence

In the past few days, a social media account was launched that asked UMD students to anonymously put forth information about personal experiences with sexual misconduct. It was not a university account, and it appears it was voluntarily taken down by its creators.

We acknowledge the unique experiences of victims and survivors impacted by sexual misconduct.  We respect that disclosing victimizations can be an empowering part of the healing process. We encourage victim survivors to utilize campus and community resources for support and reporting if feeling safe and comfortable.

Advocates are available, no appointment needed, 9 AM - 5 PM on the Ground Floor of the University Health Center and 24/7 through the CARE to Stop Violence (CARE) crisis cell (301.741.3442) during the Fall and Spring semesters (limited hours during school breaks). Any UMD community member can call or text the cell and get connected to an advocate.

You can also get in touch with CARE over the phone during business hours (301.314.2222) or via email (uhc-care@umd.edu). People can return to CARE as often as needed. A list of advocacy services provided and contact information can be found here, as well as some tips for people who would like to know how to help survivors in their lives. People can choose whichever method of getting in touch with us that is most comfortable for them.