Welcome to the University of Maryland community! Parents and families have an important role as students learn to take great care of themselves. We encourage parents to coach their students toward making wise health choices and through getting health care, when needed.

All University of Maryland students may use the Health Center.  We participate in a number of national insurance plans and have a reduced-rate fee schedule for certain services for students with insurances that do not contract with the UHC.  

Here are some things you’ll want to pay attention to  before your new Terp arrives on campus…

  1. Read the student entrance letter

  2. Review immunizations and ensure that your student is up to date

  3. Ensure that your student fills out and submits their Immunization Record

  4. Annually complete the Mandatory Insurance/Hard Waiver

  5. Talk with your student about alcohol consumption, sexual assault, and healthy choices.  It is important for your student to hear explicitly about your expectations. Here is some information to help from our own School of Public Health!

  6. Consider discussing an Advance Directive with your student.

  7. Read our information about Privacy and Confidentiality (below)

Information for Parents

2021 Health Requirements Letter: Trainings, Insurance Waiver, and Immunizations


Dear Parents and Families:

Welcome to the Terrapin Family!  We are delighted that your student has chosen to study at the University of Maryland.  We look forward to our year together.  

As your student prepares to join our campus community this fall, we want to provide you with information about important items that need to be completed before your student begins their semester, including required virtual wellness training and submissions for proof of health insurance and immunizations.

Required Online Training

All incoming University of Maryland students must complete three online education programs to help set them up for success. The programs are:

1.      Alcohol Edu

2.      Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention Course

3.      Sexual Assault Prevention Program

Students will have access to all three training programs beginning Monday, August 2. All three training programs must be completed by Monday, August 23, one week before the start of the fall semester. 

Students will receive an email reminder from on August 2, with instructions for logging on and completing the training. Training programs will be accessible 24/7.

Each training program has a required Part 2, consisting of a brief follow-up survey that will become available to your student 45 days after Part 1 is completed. Both parts are required to be completed by students to be considered in compliance with these training programs. Students will receive an email notification reminder to complete Part 2 to fulfill the training requirement.

We hope you will talk openly and often with your student about the complex issues addressed in these training sessions.  If you have questions about the required training, please contact If you are interested, additional resources are available at

Proof of Health Insurance

All undergraduate students taking six or more credits are required to have health insurance.  You can show proof of health insurance by completing an online “hard waiver” found at, or you can purchase the University’s Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP).  The University sponsors SHIP, an affordable, high-quality plan, that covers students at the University Health Center and across the country. Please visit the University Health Center website at for more information. 

Please note that providing proof of health insurance is an annual process that must be completed each academic year. 

The Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) is billed to your student's tuition account in July, August, or September depending on when the student registers for classes, unless you have already submitted an approved health insurance waiver for the upcoming academic year. This charge will be credited back, provided you complete the waiver by September 15, 2021.  After September 15, no refunds are possible for this charge.  Please visit if you have questions about the process or contact the University Health Center Insurance & Billing Office at or 301-314-8165.

Proof of Immunizations

To ensure the health and safety of all students on our campus, the University requires that all students submit proof of immunizations by the first day of fall classes, August 30, 2021.  For more information about required vaccines, please visit

The Immunization Record form can be found by visiting Your student can scan and upload the completed form and enter their immunization information by going to, using their Directory ID and password to log in. Use of the UMD Immunization Record form is preferred, but immunization documentation from a medical provider is also acceptable. If you experience difficulty submitting the form through, you may fax the completed Immunization Record form to the Immunization Clinic at 301-314-5234. 

Students who have not completed the immunization form or have incomplete immunization information will not be allowed to register for future classes until all requirements have been met.  Once a student’s immunization record is reviewed, they will receive an email about its status and whether additional information is required. For assistance or more information, please call the Immunization Clinic at 301-314-8114.

Students already received information regarding the required COVID-19 vaccination verification. Please visit for more information.

Parent and Family Affairs

As a reminder, the Office of Parent and Family Affairs is here to educate and engage parents and families in becoming informed partners in your student’s education, personal development, and success. If you haven't already registered to receive our communications with important University information/updates,  please register for the Terp Family eConnection portal at  Should you have questions or need assistance in support of your student as they make their way at UMD, please call the Parent and Family Helpline at 301-314-8429 or email

To view this notification electronically and have easier access to links, please visit

Thank you for taking the time to encourage your student to attend to these important matters. We look forward to supporting you and your student this upcoming academic year. 


 Stay healthy and well,



Patty Perillo, Ph.D.

Vice President for Student Affairs



Spyridon S. Marinopoulos, M.D., M.B.A., F.A.C.P.

Director, University Health Center

Chief Medical Officer



Behavioral Health

The University Health Center Behavioral Health Service offers confidential, high quality and convenient services for University of Maryland students. Our staff are licensed and board certified, trainees are closely supervised by our professional staff, records are peer reviewed and staff are evaluated regularly. Learn more about how we protect your confidentiality.

CARE to Stop Violence

CARE to Stop Violence has trained and professional advocates who can provide resources, support and assistance to persons via email, telephone, or in person.  We can assist individuals in several ways including:

  • Provide crisis intervention and crisis de-escalation
  • Helping you understand options that may exist and the pros and cons of choices
  • Helping you access medical care, both on and off campus
  • Maintaining confidentiality
  • Providing short term counseling and/or referrals to community resources as necessary
  • Help with academic support letters
  • Support for friends, family and people who care about you
  • Providing transportation
  • Providing alternative housing
  • Providing financial assistance
  • Helping you find faith-based services
  • Helping you find legal assistance
  • Assistance in filing claim with the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board
  • Acting as liaison between you and other campus offices and off campus service providers including Office on Student Conduct, Rights and Responsibilities, and Title IX

Privacy and Confidentiality

Students are developing adults who are learning to make their own health decisions.  As such, it is important that we offer the opportunity for students to make these decisions with assurance that their confidentiality will be respected.

All services provided to students and communication with clinicians are confidential. With a student’s permission, we will share health information with families, friends or other health care providers.  This permission is encounter specific; we generally do not permit blanket permission to be signed for an extended period of time. The University Health Center is compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) regulations. Please see our Notice of Privacy Practices (link) for details regarding privacy and confidentiality.   

For questions concerning confidentiality, email