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The Behavioral Health Service at the University of Maryland Health Center provides support to help students struggling with ADHD symptoms. If you have a local medication prescriber we encourage you to continue receiving care from that prescriber. If you do not have a local prescriber, we will assist you in locating appropriate resources.

Before You Visit

Please schedule an ADHD informational phone call at 301-314-8106.

Documentation Requirements for Students Seeking ADHD Medication

Students with a History of ADHD Treatment

The BHS requires documentation of ADHD diagnostic evaluation and treatment provided by the previous treating physician or other licensed professional. Medical records are required.

Accepted Documentation Includes:     

  • a copy of Neuropsychological assessment
  • a copy of a psychoeducational assessment

Unaccepted Documentation Includes:

The following items are considered inadequate documentation of ADHD diagnosis and treatment and will not be accepted at BHS: 

  • Summary letters from prior prescribers
  • prescriptions
  • pill containers
  • parent notes or any other similar notations of previous ADHD diagnosis

Students approved to be seen at BHS must complete their informational phone call and do the following prior to making their first appointment:

  • Send in all copies of valid documentation
  • Complete a drug screen in the Health Center
  • Complete ASSIST Marijuana survey

Students Without a History of Treatment for ADHD

Evidence of early childhood symptoms is typically necessary for the diagnosis of ADHD. Attention and concentration concerns can be key components of many health conditions. BHS can help identify these issues and may make a referral for ADHD testing if your symptoms can not be better explained by other health concerns.


Medication Management

If you are already receiving medication for ADHD, we strongly encourage you to continue to receive medication from your treating clinician. If this is not possible, the Mental Health Service can support you in finding a community psychiatrist.  There may be some exceptions to this policy due to financial hardship. 

Group Therapy

We have limited group therapy available for students with ADHD who are seeing a provider at the University Health Center.  

Individual Psychotherapy

Limited individual therapy services may be offered for a short term.  Assistance will be offered to find an off campus therapist after sessions are complete.