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Support at the University Health Center for students struggling with eating concerns, body image and/or excessive exercise will vary depending on nature of the concerns and will comply with the American Psychological Association Level of Care Guidelines. After an initial assessment, if the treating clinician determines that the student is stable, the Mental Health Service may provide some clinical services on a limited basis. In cases where more intensive treatment is indicated, referrals for psychotherapy in the community, outpatient treatment programs, or inpatient treatment programs will be provided. If during their course of therapy a student does not respond to treatment as expected, or if they have severe medical complications, clinical staff may recommend a more intensive level of care which is beyond the scope of services available through the Mental Health Service


For people with stable eating disorders

  1. Brief psychotherapy

  2. Psychiatric medication management

  3. Referral to the Counseling Center Eating Disorders Services for group therapy

For people with active or unstable eating disorders and/or unstable medical condition

  1. Referral to intensive treatment
  2. Referral to primary care for medical assessment

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