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The Mental Health Service provides assessment for medication needs, ongoing medication management, and psychotherapy when needed to accompany medication management.

Before You Visit

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If you aren't sure if you need medication, our psychiatrists can help you decide if medications are right for you.  Your concerns, symptoms, history, and medical issues will be discussed with you and a treatment plan will be devised with you, which may or may not include prescription of medications.

If you know you need Medication, we will review your concerns, symptoms, history, and medical issues with you and recommendations will be made. Together you will devise  a treatment plan and your medication side effects and dosing will be reviewed when medication is prescribed.


If you already have a prescriber nearby, it is recommended that you continue with that provider if you are able to do so.

If your prescriber is far away or no longer available, we can continue your medications and adjust as necessary, when new patient appointment becomes available.  Once you are stable you may be referred to primary care or to an outside psychiatrist for follow up.


Psychotherapy is an important part of recovery from symptoms of depression, anxiety and other illnesses.  If you are taking medication prescribed by one of our providers, you will be encouraged to seek psychotherapy to augment your medications. 

If you are not already seeing one of our doctors we can assist you in finding a therapist that is convenient for you.