Sexual Health Referrals

The following information may change. Contact each site directly for more information and updates. Before you go in for an appointment, ask if there are any special instructions for your appointment, like wearing a face covering or having your temperature taken before entering the building. Information confirmed 10/22/20.

Pregnancy Aid Center:

- Birth Control Services (Call to inquire about costs)

- STI screening 

  • Estimated costs: depends on insurance 
  • Estimated costs for Self-Pay no insurance being used: $50 - $100
  • Sliding scale for uninsured - 25%-100% covered


Planned Parenthood:

Planned Parenthood has 3 locations surrounding UMD-CP. All 3 locations provide the following:

- Birth Control Services (in person or through the PP Direct App)

- STI screening

  • No symptoms - $100
  • Symptoms - $180

PrEP and PEP

- Transgender Hormone Therapy - $250-$300

Sliding scale and out-of-pocket pay options available at all Planned Parenthood locations for all services. 

Don’t live near UMD-CP? Find a Planned Parenthood near you using this locator. 


Whitman Walker

Only providing in-person services for COVID-19 testing and emergency dental procedures by appointment. 

- STI/HIV walk-in testing is on hold 

- Available telehealth services for both new and returning patients:

  • Emergency PEP 
  • PrEP Clinic 
  • Newly diagnosed with HIV 
  • Gender Affirming Navigation 
  • STI Exposure or Symptomatic Care 


Birth Control Delivery

A variety of birth control methods can be delivered right to your door. You can shop online for non-prescription methods like condoms and emergency contraception (Plan B) and you can use the specialized services included in the link above to order prescription methods like the pill, the patch, and the ring.  Some services require you to have an existing prescription, while others can conduct a telehealth appointment to get you started on the method of your choice. Policies on delivery, packaging, insurance, and pricing vary by company. 


Below is a list of places you can access free HIV and/or STI testing in Maryland: 

Don’t see your county Health Department? Live out of state? Call your county or state Health Department and ask if they provide free STI testing.