Paying for Your Visit and Insurance (Link)

Every registered student is eligible to use the University Health Center (UHC).

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How to Pay for Your Visit

There are charges for almost all services provided at the Health Center. Your financial responsibility will vary depending on the type of insurance and service provided.  We do allow the option to pay for service directly without using health insurance.

We participate with many insurance plans, including the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP), and can bill those plans for our medical services. Mental Health (available to registered students only, service is covered by SHIP)nutritionacupuncturemassage,physical therapytobacco cessation, and meditation services (for non-students) are not billed through private insurance. The Student Health Insurance Plan covers most services provided by the University Health Center.

Charges not covered by insurance are posted to the student's Office of Student Financial Services and Cashiering Account or can be paid at the time of visit in the UHC. Charges can be paid by cash, check, credit cards, or Terrapin Express at the UHC. 

Please call (301) 314-9144 if you have further questions about fees or using your health insurance at the UHC.


If you require a referral for treatment off campus or admission to a hospital, you are responsible for any bills you incur. The University Health Center assumes no financial responsibility for care you receive off campus.


Visitors must pay for their visit PRIOR to being seen.  Any additional services (laboratory, x-ray, etc...) required must also be paid for prior to being performed.  Payment is to be made at the Pharmacy and visitors must pay by cash, Visa, Discover, or Mastercard. 

General Health Insurance Information
  • Patients should always bring their health insurance card and a photo ID to the UHC when seeking care or prescription drugs from our pharmacy. 
  • You should check with your insurance company and not assume that your health plan will pay for services provided at the UHC as some plans do not cover services outside their geographic area.
  • The University of Maryland requires comprehensive health insurance coverage for all undergraduate students who are registered for 6 or more credits.
  • The University of Maryland offers a Student Health Insurance Plan through, underwritten by UnitedHealth Care.
  • The University Health Center Pharmacy participates with many pharmacy insurance plans.
  • If your insurance is a HMO or POS plan:
    • Call customer service to verify benefits for care provided at the UHC. (The customer service phone number should be listed on your insurance card.)
    • Know your policy number and policyholder’s name.
    • Ask if your visit to the UHC will be covered and if you will be responsible for any payment.
  • We are considered out-of-network with Point of Service (POS) plans.
  • We cannot bill HMOs* (e.g. Kaiser Permanente), Medicare, or out of state Medicaid plans and non-students with Medicaid.
  • What information may be sent home concerning my UHC visit?
If your appointment is billed to your insurance, an explanation of benefits (EOB) is typically sent to the policy holder by the insurance company. The EOB will contain the date of visit and list the services provided. Sometimes services are noted with a code, a general description of the appointment, or both. You can call your insurance provider and ask them specifically how the appointment information will be noted on the EOB.

If you prefer NOT to use your insurance for this reason, or any other reason, during a scheduled appointment, charges can be placed on your Office of Student Financial Services and Cashiering account or paid by cash, credit card, or Terrapin Express. Any Office of Student Financial Services and Cashiering bill will simply say Health Center. The same information applies to prescription purchases billing insurance.

If you prefer NOT to use your insurance for an appointment or purchase, please notify registration at check-in. When you come in for future appointments, you will be asked if you would like to continue to self-pay or bill to insurance.

                 *NOTE:  Some HMO plans do not have out of network benefits.  You will be responsible for all charges.

Mandatory Health Insurance

The University of Maryland requires all undergraduate students enrolled in 6 or more credits to show proof of health insurance once each academic year while they are enrolled. Graduate Students are exempt from this requirement.

  1. If students do not waive by the deadline, they will be automatically charged and enrolled in the plan.
  2. The amount is not refundable.
  3. Students and families will be contacted several times to remind them of the process, starting at orientation.
  4. This is an active process that must be completed each year. 

Waiver Process

If you have insurance and do not want SHIP, you MUST fill out the waiver. 


If you do not have health insurance or your current insurance does not meet the waiver minimum standard you must enroll in SHIP



  • All domestic undergraduate students enrolled in 6 or more credit hours are required to purchase the Student Health Insurance Plan, unless proof of comparable coverage is furnished.
  • For fall of 2017, all newly admitted international undergraduate students, are automatically enrolled and cannot waive out of coverage. This practice was implemented to insure that international students, who are not subject to requirements of the Affordable Care Act, receive appropriately comprehensive insurance coverage.
  • All continuing international undergraduate students who were enrolled at the University of Maryland - College Park for the 2016-2017 school year and prior, are required to purchase this insurance Plan, unless proof of comparable coverage is furnished.


Secure website for completing the on-line waiver: (this is the only way to waive)

If you have questions about insurance, email or call 301-314-8165

The premiums and coverage periods can be found at

ALL undergraduate students, taking 6 credits or more, must have health insurance

Students will automatically be billed and enrolled in the University-sponsored plan for the insurance plan year (August 1st –July 31st) if the on-line waiver is not completed. Credit will not be given after enrollment. 

Student Health Insurance Plan

                        For detailed information about the Student Health Insurance Plan visit:

Who is eligible to purchase the Student Health Insurance Plan?

To be eligible, students must be registered for at least 6 undergraduate credits or 1 graduate credit at the time of enrollment in the Plan.

Automatic Enrollment

Undergraduate students taking 6 or more credits who have not successfully completed the on-line waiver process by the deadline will be automatically charged and enrolled in the plan. The amount is not refundable.

Voluntary Enrollment

  • Graduate students may enroll in the Plan on-line during Open Enrollment (see Open Enrollment periods below).
  • Enrollment instructions for Voluntary Students can be found near the bottom of the enrollment page.


The annual premium for the Student Health Insurance Plan covers August 1 through July 31. Detailed Plan information is available at

Enrollment Dates

Open Enrollment


Open Enrollment


Effective Dates of








Spring & Summer





5/15/18  –  6/30/18

6/1/18  – 7/31/18


         For additional assistance call 301.314.8165 or visit the Health Center Business Office, Room 1142.