Peer Educator Presentations


The University Health Center Peer Educators and student presenters are highly skilled and thoroughly trained to provide FREE, unbiased, 50-minute interactive workshops.
Presentations are available to classrooms, student organizations, Greek organizations, residence halls, and departments. 

To request a presentation, please submit an online request form.  Two weeks notice is required.


Campus Advocates Respond and Educate to Stop Violence (CARE)

  • Sexual Violence – Defining consent, reading of True Stories, how to help a friend.
  • Relationship Violence – Defining relationship violence, power and control, and the Cycle of Violence.
  • Stalking – What constitutes stalking, use of technology, and dispelling myths.

Substance Use Programming, Education, and Resources (SUPER) - Formerly known as CHOICES

  • Alcohol 101 – An interactive, harm reduction-based presentation that provides students with information to make safer choices regarding alcohol use. This presentation's contents include (but are not limited to) standard drink sizes, the "Gold Code", signs of alcohol poisoning, and information on the Responsible Action Policy.
  • The Big 3 - An engaging, harm reduction-based presentation about the three most commonly abused substances on college campuses: alcohol, marijuana, and "study drugs", such as Adderall. This presentation will arm students with knowledge and empower them to make safer decisions regarding these substances."

Helping Establish A Lifestyle That Works (HEALTH Works)

  • It’s Time to Talk about Mental Health –This conversation discusses mental health on campus and includes, facts, symptoms, and where to seek help for yourself or a friend.
  • The Mind/Body Connection – This program discusses how wellness impacts the mind and body, and provides relaxation skills demonstrations. Other topics discussed include time management, stress management, and sleep.

Sexual Health and Reproductive Education (SHARE)

  • The Ins and Outs of Safer Sex – A crash course on Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) basics! Learn about transmission, signs & symptoms, testing, treatment, protection, and PREVENTION.
  • Safer Sex Workshop – A high energy program with entertaining and educational games that cover safer sex basics.

Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC)

  • In Sickness and In Health – During this presentation, students will learn how to: navigate access to health care on campus,  schedule an appointment, use health insurance, and access valuable health resources.
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