Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC)

The Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) acts as a student voice to the University Health Center staff and administration. SHAC members participate in a variety of UHC committees and plan health related events for the campus community. In addition, SHAC members participate in outreach activities and programming such as the First Look Fair and Maryland Day.

SHAC members are available to listen to your comments, suggestions, complaints, or compliments about the University Health Center. SHAC also monitors and regularly reports on the University Health Center’s on-going  American College Health Association Patient Satisfaction and Assessment Survey. SHAC works closely with the Director of the University Health Center to help resolve any complaints. Aside from their liaison duties, SHAC gets involved in some outreach programming to support campus wellbeing.

SHAC Commitment to Anti-Racism

The senseless murders of George Floyd and countless Black Americans are deeply troubling and a clear indication of the injustices in today’s society. SHAC stands in solidarity with the Black community, not only on the UMD campus but around the country. We must come together to acknowledge that systemic racism and inequity is prevalent in our country, including access to healthcare. We are committed to being more than simply not racist, we believe that we must be anti-racist, and will continue to promote and advocate this ideal as the student voices of the Health Center. We are eager to listen to the diverse voices within our campus community to learn how we can advocate for greater equity and inclusion as an organization. If you are interested in connecting with us and sharing your opinions as to how we can help, do not hesitate to email

We stand in solidarity with the Black community.

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