Terps For Recovery Sober Tailgate 2019


Lot 1E
Date: Friday, September 27th, 2018
Time: 6:00 pm

All sober and sober curious welcome!

TFR Business Meetings

The weekly business meetings serve as a way for members to reconnect and plan for future events, discuss the budget, etc.

Date: Every Friday Beginning September 6, 2019
Time: 4:00 pm
Location: Recovery Lounge (Drop-In Space) 0141 Heilsa Room University Health Center

Terps for Recovery

Terps for Recovery (TFR) is a student organization which works closely with the University Health Center staff. The students in TFR seek to provide a supportive atmosphere on campus for students who are in recovery, or wish to recover, from an addiction, persons who are affected by another person’s addiction, and all friends of recovery. Throughout the year, TFR offers several social events, including monthly breakfasts, interactive panels on addiction and recovery in a campus setting, and recreational activities, like bowling and crafts, during periods of high-risk for relapse (ex: Halloween, winter holidays, etc.) These activities are to actively build community and promote the academic and social well-being of recovering students at UMD. Recovery is more fun and sustainable when you are part of a recovery community. The group can be reached by emailing terpsforrecovery@gmail.com and on Facebook (search Terps for Recovery).

Recovery Lounge (Drop-In Space)

The Recovery Lounge (Drop-In Space) is a room available in the Health Center every Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm. Students in recovery can use the area to connect and support each other as well as to relax and unwind from their stressors in an undisturbed and substance-free space. The lounge is also home to monthly social events (hosted by TFR) that includes breakfasts, coloring, craft projects, and more. Most recently, it now includes a collection of books about recovery that students may sign-out to read. You can find more information by emailing lplace1@umd.edu.

Harm-Reduction Oriented Recovery Support Group

As long as you are sure that you need to make or maintain some kind of change in your substance use, you’re probably going to find someone in this group you connect with. This group is a choose-your-own-adventure model of recovery. For some, moderation is a gateway to long term abstinence, and for others, abstinence is a gateway to long term moderation. You can find out the current date/time of this group by calling 301-314-8106 during typical business hours or emailing lplace1@umd.edu.

Consultation and Assessment

Confidential consultation services are provided via phone and in-person meetings, at no charge. We encourage family members, guardians, friends, roommates, faculty and staff to contact SUIT (301-314-8106) to discuss ways to support students with concerning drug and alcohol use. Short-term individual counseling is available.

Drug Testing

Drug testing services are available for those individuals who wish to be tested for any reason, including those who are required to be drug tested (by the court system, employers, attorneys, treatment providers, or the Office of Student Conduct).

Substance-Free Housing

In addition to the outpatient and supportive living environments provided by the Haven at College, the University offers a substance-free residence hall (Carroll Hall) in which students commit not to bring substances into the living space. You can find more information at: http://reslife.umd.edu/housing/substancefree. While this program does not offer support specific to students in recovery, it does present a lower risk housing option for people with well-established recovery.

12-Step Groups

There are two AA meetings on campus, one of which has a very strong student presence. There are also several meetings nearby, listed at www.aa-dc.org. The Thursday meeting at 7:30pm in the University Memorial Chapel is primarily composed of students and is an excellent first stop for connecting with other students in recovery on campus, and to learn which area meetings currently have the most vibrant attendance by young people and college students. Nearby meetings in St. Andrew’s Church at 4512 College Ave. often have a strong student presence.

Counseling Center

While they do not offer programming specific to students facing problematic substance use, they are a good resource for students whose primary concern is mental health oriented, rather than substance use oriented. The Counseling Center is located in 1101 Shoemaker Building and is available to students 8:30 am – 4:30 pm Monday through Friday, and during the fall and spring semester, it is open until 9 pm from Monday to Thursday.

Terps after Dark

Terps After Dark is an annual 6-week program at the beginning of the school year that consists of late-night, substance-free events. The initiative was driven by studies suggesting that the first six weeks of college predicts the drinking patterns of students across their four years in college. Hence, the University has initiated Terps After Dark to promote substance-free entertainment to students. Events that comprise Terps After Dark include comedy shows at The Stamp Student Union, recreational events at Eppley Recreation Center, bowling at Terp Zone, and more fun activities! A list of Terps After Dark events may be found by visiting www.terpsafterdark.umd.edu.