A 21-day Interactive Guide to help Lower Your Cannabis Tolerance and Re-Establish Balance.

What is a “T-Break”?

Any time we engage in an activity regularly, we become accustomed to how that behavior feels in our bodies, and it takes more and more to feel “something”.  We see this all the time in everyday life.  As an example, if you jog for a mile every day, you’ll probably stop feeling fatigued by running that same distance after a while, and it may take you three or four miles to really build up a sweat.  This is because your body has built up a tolerance for running that mile.

The same principle applies with cannabis use.  If you use cannabis regularly, your body builds up a tolerance, and as a result, needs more and more cannabis to experience the same effects.  This has multiple implications on your wellness (and your wallet), so if you use cannabis, it’s a good idea to take a tolerance break, or T-Break, every once in a while

During a T-Break, you stop using cannabis for a designated period of time to help restore balance in your body and lower your cannabis tolerance.  The recommended period of time to reduce your tolerance effectively is 21 days - which for some folks, may feel like a long time to go without using. 

T-Break Guide

The T-Break Guide is a 21-day workbook to support you on your T-Break journey. With a different topic covered each day, the T-Break Guide highlights tips and tricks to navigate life without cannabis during your T-Break, including sleep, eating, stress, creativity, and more.

The guide is available here as a virtual resource, and if you prefer a paper copy, stop by the Health Promotion and Wellness Services Office on the Ground Floor of the Health Center, where there will be booklets available for you to take home!

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If you have any questions about T-Breaks, or about using this guide, please email Madeleine Moore, our Alcohol and Other Drugs Program Coordinator, at mmoore56@umd.edu.


**Disclaimer: Because promoting your health and safety is our mission, the University of Maryland Health Center does not condone any form of illicit substance use, abuse, or solicitation, including cannabis. That said, we are here to support you on your unique wellness journey, without judgement or bias related to your personal substance use behaviors.