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The University Health Center Behavioral Health Service offers short-term, confidential and high quality services for University of Maryland students. Our staff are licensed and board certified, trainees are closely supervised by our professional staff, records are peer reviewed and staff are evaluated regularly. Learn more about how we protect your confidentiality.

Before You Visit

  • Call (301) 314-8106 first to schedule an appointment. After you have scheduled your appointment, log into myUHC and complete the questionnaire and survey
  • Obtain and bring any previous treatment records that may be helpful for you to bring to your first appointment


Privacy of records

The University Health Center keeps medical records in compliance with professional, legal and ethical guidelines.  Other than authorized staff, no one will have access to records unless the patient provides permission in writing. Mental Health Service records will not become a part of the patient's academic file and even the fact that the patient has come to the Mental Health Service will not be disclosed without the patient's permission.

Emergency disclosure of information

Exceptions to confidentiality include: imminent danger to self or others, patient records subpoenaed by a court, or in accordance with Maryland state laws regarding child abuse.

Questions about confidentiality

Effective mental health treatment requires an atmosphere of trust.  Please raise any questions about our confidentiality policy with your clinician.

Concern about a student

If you are concerned about the mental health of a University of Maryland, College Park student, please contact us.  Please note that because of confidentiality, we cannot release any information about students in our care, however we can provide general guidance and listen to any information or concerns you wish to share with us.