Substance Use Intervention and Treatment (SUIT)


  • Substance Use Intervention/Treatment
  • M - F: 9:00am-5:00pm


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    (301) 314-8106

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The SUIT staff are happy to meet with any registered student who has any concerns about their own alcohol or drug use, or the use of a friend, roommate or loved one. We are committed to providing short-term, evidence-based psychoeducational interventions, treatment/counseling, consultation, and advocacy for students at the University of Maryland who are experiencing problems related to their or another person’s substance use.  Our goal is to help students to think deeply and clearly about what actions and changes are best for them. SUIT also provides referrals to local intensive outpatient and residential programs and assists with continuing care after intensive treatment.


Assessment & Referral

Students meet individually with a professional counselor to discuss concerns about their use of alcohol or other drugs.


The outpatient counseling program has been established specifically to work with college students experiencing problems with or related to their use of alcohol and/or other drugs and related mental health conditions. May include: individual counseling, group counseling, campus and community referrals.

Healthy Terps

Participants will complete a brief online alcohol screening before attending a 30 minute individual appointment to discuss their personalized feedback and how their alcohol, and/or tobacco use is impacting their life.

Marijuana Follow-Up

Participants will complete two brief online marijuana and alcohol screenings before attending a 60 minute individual appointment to discuss their personalized feedback and how their alcohol, marijuana, and/or tobacco use is impacting their life.

Substance Assessment & Intervention Program

The early assessment, intervention and education program is intended for students who have been charged with alcohol or other drug-related violations of campus judicial policy or state law, other than DUI or DWI.

Drug Testing

Drug testing services are available for those individuals who request drug testing or are required to be drug tested (by the court system, employers, attorneys, treatment providers, or the Office of Student Conduct).


Confidential consultation services are provided via phone and in-person meetings. We encourage family members, guardians, friends, roommates, faculty and staff to contact SUIT to discuss ways to support students with concerning drug and alcohol use.