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    (301) 314-8106

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The Mental Health Service provides medication management and limited group therapy for students already diagnosed with ADHD,  and who are not able to be seen off campus. Students will be asked to provide psychological testing and medical records from previous treatment.  We do not do assessments or diagnosis of ADHD.

Before You Visit:

  1. Call (301) 314-8106 for an ADHD Informational Phone Screening
  2. Once you have completed your ADHD Informational Phone Screening and are accepted as a patient, you are required to bring in or send your previous formal psychological testing documentation
  3. You will be instructed to complete an online questionnaire and drug testing

After all is completed you will be provided with a medication evaluation appointment. 


Medication Management

If you are already receiving medication for ADHD, we strongly encourage you to continue to receive medication from your treating clinician. If this is not possible, the Mental Health Service can support you in finding a community psychiatrist.  There may be some exceptions to this policy due to financial hardship. Students stable on meds may also be able to see one of our primary care physicians for prescription management.

Group Therapy

We have limited group therapy available for students with ADHD who are seeing a provider at the University Health Center.  

Individual Psychotherapy

Limited individual therapy services may be offered for a short term.  Assistance will be offered to find an off campus therapist after sessions are complete.