Any Questions Podcast

any questions podcast logoWHY THIS PODCAST AND WHY THESE TOPICS?

We choose to highlight themes that aren't usually talked about in the wellness presentations that we deliver on campus. That's because a lot of wellness topics, and the topics we discuss in this podcast, may be a bit more nuanced, complex, or are sometimes difficult discussing in a short presentation or a group setting.

While they may be personal, complex, or sometimes uncomfortable, we get asked these questions and want to create a platform where we can explore them in an accessible way for students. So pop in your ear buds on your walk to class and get a sense of what we get asked and what we have to say on Any Questions?


Want to check out our podcast? You can listen by following the episode links below. (Transcripts coming soon!)


Introducing: Any Questions?

Episode 1: Resilience

“Resiliency is just taking care of yourself after or during a hardship and getting back to your best self.''

In today’s episode join Caroline and Carson’s conversation about resilience: what is it, the various ways one can build resilience, and the relationship between self care and resilience.

Transcript: Episode 1


  • Caroline (she/her) 
  • Carson (he/him)

Note: Though Carson and Caroline recorded this episode long before the COVID-19 Pandemic we recognize resiliency is a crucial part of coping during this outbreak. In situations like this it is normal to experience a range of emotions. To learn more:

- CDC guide on Taking Care of Emotional Health During a Disaster

- WHO infographic on Coping During COVID-19

Episode 2: Consent and Communication

“We get and receive consent every day.” 

In this episode, listen to Caroline and Carson as they explain how communication and consent can enhance any relationship, especially during sex. 

Transcript: Episode 2 


  • Caroline (she/her) 
  • Carson (he/him)

Episode 3: Kinky Sex

“Many students have kinky sex on their brain.” 

Explore the fascinating world of kink with Emily and Liv as they seek out information on kinky sex from sexuality experts, people who practice kink, and mental health professionals.

Transcript: Episode 3


  • Emily (she/her) 
  • Liv (she/her)

Episode 4: The Pleasure Gap


“What is the pleasure gap? What's the cause? What are some societal and individual impacts? What are some ways we can close the gap?”

Dive into today’s episode on the pleasure gap where Maggie and Nick explore media’s representation of pleasure in our society, share their and their friends experience with the pleasure gap, our current sex education, and how we can be better sexual partners.

Transcript: Episode 4


  • Maggie Lewis (She/Her)
  • Nick Balmadier (He/Him)



Episode 5: Nature and Mental Health

Transcript: Episode 4


  • Steph (She/Her)
  • Hannah (She/Her)

Scientists have found that nature is associated with positive mood.” In today’s episode, join Steph and Hannah as they discuss the benefits of nature with special guests Olivia Mays (she/her/hers) and Meg Smolinski (she/her/hers). Whether you are looking for a break from studies, a way to recharge after intense activism, or a way to ground yourself when the news gets overwhelming, connecting with nature can have helpful benefits for your mental health and overall wellbeing. Recorded during the COVID-19 pandemic, Steph and Hannah also specifically discuss what connecting with nature could look like at this unprecedented time.


Nature can be one of many tools that someone uses to support resilience and overall wellness. However, we recognize that nature is not always accessible to all people in the same ways.  Sometimes this may be due to inequitable investment and access to natural and green space in some communities, or due to valid safety concerns of being outside, as well as structural barriers that may limit physical accessibility in some outdoor spaces.Therefore, we’d like to remind folks that simply facing or opening a window, or watching/listening to nature videos on your phone can have similar benefits.

Here are Some Resources to Check Out! 

Check out the UMD Arboretum’s website (, Facebook, or Instagram (@umdabg)