Nutrition Services


  • Registered Dietitian
  • M - F: 10:00am - 5:00pm
  • By Appointment Only
  • Peer Nutrition Coaching
  • By Appointment Only


The University Health Center Nutrition Service unit empowers and supports members of the University of Maryland College Park community with the knowledge and skills needed to make and implement healthy nutrition choices today and for a lifetime.

All Nutrition Services will be offered virtually during the Fall 2020 semester.  

Nutrition Services

Registered Dietitian

The Registered Dietitian Consultation service includes Medical Nutrition Therapy (diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, digestive issues) using a holistic, non-diet approach to nutrition and health. The Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist (RDN) provides knowledge and practical skills according to each client’s individual needs and preferences to help them reach their health and wellness goals. 

Fees are associated with this service: 

  • students: $20 per session
  • faculty/staff: $55.00 per session

Please email to schedule an appointment.

Peer Nutrition Coaching Service

The Nutrition Coaching team consists of undergraduate dietetic students supervised by the UHC Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist. This service offers clients support, encouragement and guidance in reaching general healthy eating goals, based on the USDA Dietary Guidelines. The Nutrition Coach will help you break down your nutrition goal into manageable steps and offer ongoing support and accountability. This is a free service.

This service is available during Fall and Spring semester only.

Please note this service does not include Medical Nutrition Therapy. If you have nutrition related health issues such as diabetes, digestive disease, major food allergies, eating disorder etc., please refer to the Registered Dietitian Consultation Service.

Please email to schedule an appointment.

To speak to the University Health Center Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist please email or call 301-314-8140