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Health Promotion and Wellness Services strives to support inclusive, accessible, and diverse health and wellness opportunities. Our services are provided to empower students to develop a strong foundation to optimize their capacity to learn, reach their potential, and achieve their goals throughout their academic career and beyond.

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All sessions listed below are free unless otherwise noted. However, a $25 no show fee is applied when appointments are not canceled in a timely manner; at least 24 hours before the appointment time. This fee may also apply for late arrivals and missed appointments. 


Personal Wellness Sessions

Light Therapy Sessions

Light therapy is a possible option to address low mood during the fall and winter months. Sessions may also provide students with a referral for a 28 day loan of a light therapy device from McKeldin Library. Sessions are 50 minutes.  

Call 301-314-8184 to schedule an appointment. 

Click below to learn more about seasonal affective disorder, light therapy, and tips for use.

Light Therapy Information

Sleep Sessions

Questions about sleep? We’ve got answers. Sleep sessions are great for students looking to enhance quality of sleep. Sessions are 50 minutes. 

Call 301-314-8184 to schedule an appointment. 


Individual Meditation Sessions

Looking to build a meditation practice? Work with a trained meditation instructor to learn more about meditation styles to fit your personal needs. Sessions are 20 minutes.

Call 301-314-8184 to schedule an appointment. 

The University Health Center also offers drop-in virtual group meditations sessions, along with pre-recorded meditations.


Meditation Services

Time Management Sessions

Time management sessions provide education and scheduling assistance to help you monitor progress and reach your goals. Sessions are 50 minutes.

Call 301-314-8184 to schedule an appointment. 

To enhance the effectiveness of your time management, we recommend pairing with self-care strategies. Click below to learn more.


stress management

Self-Test STI Clinic

The Self-Test STI Clinic includes HIV, Gonorrhea, and Chlamydia testing. This service option does not include a physical examination and is only available to students without symptoms. 

For more information about this clinic and other STI testing options as well as other sexual health resources, click below. 


Sexual Health Services

Birth Control Consultations

The purpose of the birth control consult is to discuss the various birth control options and provide information and space to ask questions about usage, effectiveness, etc so that you can zero in on a method of choice. Consultations are 20 minutes. 

Call 301-314-8184 to schedule an appointment. 

The University Health Center offers a number of sexual health resources. Click below to learn more.

Sexual Health Services

Substance Use Consultations

Substance use consultations are an opportunity for students to ask questions related to alcohol or other drug use, discuss harm reduction strategies, learn more about resources, and discover substance use-free activities. Sessions are 20 or 50 minutes. 

Call 301-314-8184 to schedule an appointment. 

Click below learn more about alcohol and other drug education efforts on campus, along with campus policies.

Alcohol and Other Drug Education

How to Help a Friend

Meet with a health educator to discuss how to meaningfully support a friend experiencing challenges related to substance use, while establishing healthy boundaries to maintain your own wellbeing. Sessions are 50 minutes. 

Call 301-314-8184 to schedule an appointment. 

Click below to learn more about alcohol and other drug education efforts on campus, along with campus policies.

Alcohol and Other Drug Education

Nutrition Sessions

Medical Nutrition Therapy Sessions (Fees apply)

Medical Nutrition Therapy sessions are clinical appointments with the Registered Dietitian. The appointment includes an assessment of nutritional status by means of participant’s medical history, past dietary practices and physical activity history. The dietitian provides assistance with dietary issues which involve medical issues. Recommendations/resources are also provided to help participants implement change to improve health and wellbeing through optimal dietary practices. 

Fees are associated with this service

Click below for more information about Medical Nutrition Therapy and appointment scheduling.

Nutrition Services

Peer Nutrition Coaching (Free Service)

Peer Nutrition Coaches are trained dietetic students who provide assistance with behavior modification around general nutrition and weight management goals. A Peer Nutrition Coach will help develop obtainable goals, teach nutritional skills to sustain these goals, and provide regular support and encouragement.

Click below for more information about Peer Nutrition Coaching and appointment scheduling.


Nutrition Services

Community Wellness Resources

Podcast: Any Questions?

The Any Questions Podcast highlights themes that aren't usually talked about in the wellness presentations that we deliver on campus. 

Click below for more information and a list of published episodes.

Any Questions Podcast

T-Break Guide

Designed specifically for college students, the T-Break guide is a 21-day Interactive Guide to help Lower your cannabis tolerance and re-establish balance.  Click below for more information


T-Break Guide

Wags for Wellness

Wags for Wellness is the University of Maryland’s signature Animal Assisted Activity, offering drop-in visits several times a month.

Wags for Wellness

Group Meditation

Group meditation drop-in, virtual classes offered Monday-Friday during the Fall and Spring semester. Join as often as you please. Click below for more information.


Meditation Services

Safer Sex Supplies

The resource table next to the Health Promotion & Wellness Services front desk on the ground floor of the University Health Center offers the following safer sex supplies for free, grab-and-go style, during regular business hours:

  • External condoms
  • Internal Condoms
  • Lubrication
  • Dental dams

For faculty/staff and student leaders (RA, DFSL chapter leader, student org president, etc.) who want bulk packs of safer sex supplies to distribute to groups of students, or individuals seeking supplies that are harder to come by, please fill out the form below. You will get an email in 3-5 business days with instructions for pickup. Limited to two per month, as supply allows.

Safer Sex Supplies Request Form

Presentations and Workshops

Presentations and workshops are available to classrooms, student organizations, Greek organizations, residence halls, departments, and more!

Click below for more information.

Presentations & Workshops

Wellness Tips and Toolkit

For a variety of pre-packaged recordings, activities, handouts, discussion guides, and other resources, view our Wellness Tool Kit Here.

Click below for more information

Wellness Tips and Toolkit

Naloxone Trainings

The University of Maryland Health Center is designated as an Overdose Response Program (ORP) through the Maryland Department of Health.  As part of this designation, we offer overdose response resources to the UMD community, free of charge.  

One of the most popular resources we offer is Naloxone, an opioid overdose reversal medication.  Similarly to how an EpiPen temporarily blocks the life-threatening symptoms of an allergic reaction (i.e. inability to breathe) while emergency medical assistance arrives, Naloxone offers this temporary support for those experiencing an opioid overdose.  

To get your free Naloxone through the Health Center, all you have to do is attend a brief training, which goes over how to recognize signs of an opioid overdose, instructions for using Naloxone, and what to do as emergency medical assistance makes its way to you and the person in crisis.

Trainings are all offered in the Sahet Room of the Health Center, just past the main entrance to the building, and are free to any UMD community member interested in attending!  Registration is required for attendance.


Our Goals

  • To facilitate the adoption and maintenance of positive health behaviors and wellness practices.
  • To collaborate with Health Center staff in the delivery of client education services.
  • To provide experiential opportunities for peer educators and interns.
  • To increase awareness of Health Center programs and services.
  • To increase knowledge of personal and community wellness.