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Health Promotion and Wellness Services strives to support inclusive, accessible, and diverse health and wellness opportunities. Our services are provided to empower students to develop a strong foundation to optimize their capacity to learn, reach their potential, and achieve their goals throughout their academic career and beyond.

Our Goals:

  • To facilitate the adoption and maintenance of positive health behaviors and wellness practices.
  • To collaborate with Health Center staff in the delivery of client education services.
  • To provide experiential opportunities for peer educators and interns.
  • To increase awareness of Health Center programs and services.
  • To increase knowledge of personal and community wellness.


Alcohol and Other Drugs Consultations

Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) consults are a great option for students who may have questions related to AOD use, or may have experienced negative consequences as a result of their AOD use, but may not necessarily need to speak with an AOD counselor. Using a harm reduction framework, conversations will focus upon ways for students to reduce risks if they choose to continue engaging in AOD use, or else navigating alternatives to using AOD for personal or social reasons


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Sexual Health Resources

The Sexual Health Unit encourages sexual health and wellness by providing education, support, and resources for the campus community. The goal is to empower students to make informed decisions regarding sexual wellbeing and to encourage a responsible and respectful foundation upon which they can successfully build throughout their adult lives. The Sexual Health Unit supports the clinical Sexual Health services (i.e. STI testing, pregnancy testing, Birth Control services, PrEP/PEP, Annual Exams) by providing the following resources and services:

Free Sexual Health Supplies:

  • Condoms and Insertive Condoms (FC2)
  • Lubricant
  • Dental Dams
  • Abstinence Kits
  • Safer Sex Kits

Individual consultations for students with questions or concerns regarding:

  • sexual health
  • safer sex
  • STIs
  • selecting a method of birth control
  • communicating with partners
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Stress Management

Stress management consultations are ideal for students who are not looking for long-term services. In particular, this service could be useful for students who are experiencing more than (their personal) average stress due to a particular stressor AND/ OR for students who have questions about stress management techniques. A brief list of stress management topics covered includes: deep breathing, physical activity, sleep, naps, coloring, prioritization, scheduling breaks, etc. Each session is specifically tailored to the needs of the student and is grounded in the eight dimensions of wellness. Repeat appointments are scheduled as necessary.


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Meditation can be a useful antidote to stress. This practice invites us to slow down, breathe, and cultivate a greater awareness of our own experiences and the ways in which our body and mind can work together. During meditation the body shifts into a state of restful awareness in which we relax the fight or flight stress response, improve sleep, relieve feelings of anxiety and depression, decrease blood pressure, and improve the attention span, among other potential benefits. Meditation practices at the University Health Center will introduce students, staff, and faculty to different types of meditations including, but not limited to, breath focused meditation, mantra-based, loving kindness, guided imagery, progressive muscle relaxation, individual and group reflections, journaling practices, affirmation card pulls, and movement-based meditation. Meditation is a dynamic, diverse, and deeply personal practice, so we invite you to explore the various styles of meditation being offered through the University Health Center to see which styles resonate with you!


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Nutrition Services

Medical Nutrition Therapy sessions are clinical appointments with the Registered Dietitian. The appointment includes an assessment of nutritional status by means of participant’s medical history, past dietary practices and physical activity history. The dietitian provides assistance with dietary issues which involve medical issues, including eating disorders. Recommendations/resources are also provided to help participants implement change to improve health and wellbeing through optimal dietary practices.

Peer Nutrition Coaches are trained dietetic students who provide assistance with behavior modification around general nutrition and weight management goals. A Peer Nutrition Coach will help develop obtainable goals, teach nutritional skills to sustain these goals, and provide regular support and encouragement.


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Wellness Coaching

Wellness Coaching is a great option for students who are searching for a safe and supportive space to enhance their wellness. Students will work alongside a trained student Wellness Coach to identify values and strengths, set meaningful wellness goals, and co-create a plan to set goals into action. Wellness Coaches are also trained to provide follow-up support and encouragement as needed. Coaching topics include: sleep, transition to college, stress management, relaxation, general academic or time management concerns, and more.


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Additional Resources

Presentations and Workshops

Presentations and workshops are available to classrooms, student organizations, Greek organizations, residence halls, departments, and more!


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Podcast: Any Questions?

The Any Questions Podcast highlights themes that aren't usually talked about in the wellness presentations that we deliver on campus.  


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Wellness Tips & Tool Kit

For a variety of pre-packaged recordings, activities, handouts, discussion guides, and other resources, view our Wellness Tool Kit Here.  For recommendations on connecting with students and creating a culture of wellness, click here

8 Dimensions of Wellness