Adenovirus Resources

The University Health Center’s top priority is the health and wellness of our university community. In fall 2018, the university coordinated closely with state and county health officials in the handling of adenovirus on our campus. Adenovirus is one of many respiratory viruses that circulates in the population year-round and its presence is common in a community of our size, but there are strains that can cause more serious illness. We urge our community, particularly those with chronic or underlying medical conditions or a compromised immune system, to take these viruses seriously, follow the advice in our messages to campus and from medical professionals, and seek medical care when necessary. Below are resources to assist students, faculty and staff with taking preventive measures and information about the university’s response to adenovirus on our campus.

Responding to Adenovirus at the University of Maryland

Find answers to frequently asked questions about Adenovirus here.

Timeline of University of Maryland Actions.

Campus Communications:

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