Give us your feedback At the University Health Center, we are continuously trying to improve our service.  We welcome your feedback. Here are some helpful tips and information about the University Health Center Feedback process:

1. Consider first addressing your feedback with a staff member in the department most directly connected to your complaint. The staff member may request that you provide additional documentation if necessary, or schedule an appointment to address your concern.

2. If you want to submit formal written feedback, use the “Feedback” form below and include your name and contact information if you would like to have followup. Feedback received in this way will be directed to the appropriate supervisor at the University Health Center. The written feedback should include the following information:

  • The feedback (be as specific as possible), and
  • The specific outcome you are seeking.

3. The UHC Director or designee will address the complaint with the individual in a timely manner and to the best of his/her ability. Appropriate actions and steps will be taken; if necessary, to resolve the issue.

4. If the problem remains unresolved, the Director or staff member may refer the student to the Vice President for Student Affairs or his/her designee.

We would like to hear from you! Please choose one of these options:

  1. Send an email to
  2. Offer feedback through the form below.
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