Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC)

The Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) acts as a student voice to the University Health Center staff and administration.

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SHAC members are available to listen to your comments, suggestions, complaints, or compliments about the University Health Center. SHAC also monitors and regularly reports on the University Health Center’s on-going  American College Health Association Patient Satisfaction and Assessment Survey. SHAC works closely with the Director of the University Health Center to help resolve any complaints. Aside from their liaison duties, SHAC gets involved in some outreach programming to support campus wellbeing.

SHAC members participate in a variety of UHC committees and plan health related events for the campus community. In addition, SHAC members participate in outreach activities and programming such as the First Look Fair and Maryland Day. 

SHAC meets weekly on Tuesdays from 5-6 PM. For the Fall 2022 semester, we are planning to meet in person.

We encourage non-members to attend our open meetings and voice concerns, provide feedback, and observe the work that we're doing. If you're interested in attending one of our open meetings, please email us at for more information.

2022-2023 SHAC Executive Board

Sara Dawood, President
Year: Senior
Major(s): Biological Sciences: Microbiology; Minor: General Business

Mariam Shamim, Vice President
Year: Senior
Major(s): Mathematics, Studio Art

Amira Kazi, Secretary
Year: Senior
Major(s): Biological Sciences: Neurology and Physiology

Sasvi Kulasinghe, Treasurer
Year: Senior
Major(s): Biological Sciences: Cell Biology and Genetics, Global Health

SHAC Subcommittees

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Goals & Objectives: This subcommittee strives to create an inclusive space at UMD for students of all backgrounds, collect data on diverse student groups, and develop strategies on how SHAC and the UHC can reduce inequities in healthcare. 

Members: Prakhya ChikkemTemitope Sarah OkotchaKashobi O’Bua

Subcommittee Chair(s): Temitope Sarah Okotcha (, Kashobi O'Bua (

Mental Health

Goals & Objectives: This committee is dedicated to promoting mental health and wellness on campus.

Members: Wafa Abbas, Arjun Pramanik, Gabrielle Goldman

Subcommittee Chair(s): None

QMIT (Quality Management Improvement Team)

Goals & Objectives: QMIT directly advocates for students’ need by analyzing the results of the PSAS (Patient Satisfaction Assessment Survey) to look for trends and anything that can be addressed to improve the student experience at the UHC.

Members: Nikhil SanthanamEthan TuckerShan DawoodIsha Yardi

Subcommittee Chair(s): Shan Dawood (

Physical Health

Goals & Objectives: This committee is focused on healthy living for students on and off campus, including healthy eating, healthy habits, and preventative measures. They hope to inspire and empower individuals to make healthy choices for themselves and others. 

Members: Taosif IrfanRhea TiwariEden Adhanom, Sarah Han

Subcommittee Chair(s): Sarah Han (, Taosif Irfan (

Sexual and Women's Health

Goals & Objectives: This committee strive to raise awareness and promote discussion about relevant sexual and women’s health topics. They also hope to provide students with accessible resources and education related to sexual and women’s health. 

Members: Sophia ThompsonMoumita Afrin

Subcommittee Chair(s): Moumita Afrin (, Sophia Thompson (

PR & Outreach

Goals & Objectives: This committee is the main point of contact for promoting events, running social media accounts, and informing UMD students on UHC related updates. 

Members: Zainab Balhis, Leya Sanchez, Diana Bunghiuz, Dulmi Ratnasiri, Donya Forohar, Zara Ahmed, Thomas Lee, Mariam Ashraf

Subcommittee Chair(s): Mariam Ashraf (



SHAC 2023-2024 Application

If you're passionate about student health on campus and would like to become an advocate of the student body to the University Health Center, apply to become a member of SHAC today! The application is open until 11:59 PM on March 10th, 2022. After reviewing applications, we will email qualified applicants with an invitation to interview with us.

SHAC 2023-2024 Application
SHAC Contact Information: email



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