FSAP Client Feedback

“Great!!! don't go anywhere i have much more work to do, and you guys know better than anybody...stuff happens!!!”

“Talking with the FSAP counselor was invaluable.  I couldn't resolve the situation or decide what to do before I went to talk with him - I just worried instead.  He helped me make sense of it, take better care of myself, sleep better, and so, perform better here.”

“I've literally thanked God for Maryland's Faculty Staff Assistance Program.  It was so convenient to be able to get help right on campus.  I'm not sure if I would have reached out to an off-campus program or counselor, but I definitely needed someone to talk to and to help me learn how to deal with and improve my situation.”

“The FSAP counselor was outstanding - knowledgeable, professional, courteous, funny, and focused. I would recommend him any time to a colleague in need of support.”

“As a manager, employee relationships are one of my most difficult tasks.  I’d rather work on an old rusted piece of equipment than wrangle with a difficult employee problem.  Your resource is very valuable to us all.”

“The FSAP counselor is a wonderful counselor and resource.  I truly owe my life and my career to her help.  About 10 years after my initial problem, she continues to be available and a great help when needed.  Thank you so much for this program.   Please encourage the higher-ups to maintain this service to employees of the university -it is extremely important.”

“My experience with the FSAP has been outstanding.  They have assisted me in my addiction to alcohol. Without the FSAP program I would most likely have lost my job at UMCP and would still be battling the "insanity" that my life had become.  Without hesitation I have recommended the FSAP to several co-workers struggling with work & personal problems and the office has always been receptive in a timely manner.  This is one program at UMCP that should never be denied or have a reduction in funding or staffing.  Thank you for everything you do.”

“Thank you so much for providing this excellent service to faculty and staff.  It really makes a difference to have a place to go for help or a clear perspective when life sometimes becomes overwhelming and you're not sure who to turn to that you can trust.  Each time I have used this service through the years I have found support, good factual information, nonjudgmental clarity, and a lifeline when I have needed it.  I have referred colleagues going through difficult times in their work or personal lives and everyone has been grateful for the tip.  Thank you!   It makes a huge difference to know that this helping hand is there.”